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Freshly raised from the sands and soil of North Yorkshire, Apollolyptic are a 4 piece thrash metal band that are hell-bent on making heads bang at every good metal venue across the UK, with their sights firmly locked on world domination.

Drawing influence from the obvious godfathers of Thrash, Apollolyptic also throw in a shot of massive stadium rock with a slice of technical death metal.

After launching their huge sounding debut video single "Bizarre", Apollolyptic are currently recording their debut EP "Through Mud" with HOHM studios to be released in Summer 2022.

Plans for a full length album of fresh material are also in place to be released in Winter 2022.


Dan Baxter - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Sam Dossor - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dave Worth - Bass, Backing Vocals

Jac Grundy - Drums

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