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The Danse Society

‘The Danse Society’ first found fame in the early 80s alongside the Cure, Siouxsie and Killing Joke. Their brand of pounding drums and bass, atmospheric guitars and keys with a darkness then unseen, set them apart from their contemporaries causing even Robert Smith to say they were ‘charmingly undead’.

Their ‘Seduction’ album and Indie No1 single ‘Somewhere’ got them their major deal and the LP ‘Heaven is Waiting’ – except it wasn’t, and despite a top 20 album the singles hovered just out of chart reach. Although that didn’t detract from growing success around the world, radio sessions, TV shows and European and American tours, the frustrations with the label eventually led to the all too familiar split.

Fast forward to 2010, fans on social media campaigned successfully for a reform. Now founder member and original guitarist Paul Nash with reformation vocalist Maethelyiah have released 4 critically acclaimed albums including the latest ‘Sailing Mirrors’ and toured UK and Europe bringing their trademark sound (ever evolving) to old and new audiences alike.

Currently working on their 8th studio album ‘The Loop’, and new UK and European tours for later in the year the band are darker than ever and refuse to play any daylight shows – undead? Not quite yet, join us live for another ‘incredibly powerful, atmospheric trip’ (Wisdom magazine) soon!

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