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The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name

Originally a studio project that started with singer Matthew Awbery, the urge to develop the sound and start playing shows as a band grew, and now the project includes bassist Harry Woodrow and drummer Sam Johnson.

The band released their debut two-track, ‘In My Bed I’ll Rot’, in September 2018, to a great reception, and supported this release with a string of shows. The band’s second release, and debut EP, entitled ‘To Be Where There Is Pale Light’; a dark, ethereal body of work released in March 2019, saw greater opportunities for the band, including a

series of stellar reviews, and nationwide shows with bands such as Petrol Girls, Crywank, Slow Crush, and Nervus. T

his EP was followed by the band’s darkest work, ‘Where Flies Will Reign’ in February

2020, further evolving the band’s sound, aesthetic, and imagery through new sonic atmospheres and more vivid themes. During 2020, they released a trio of independent singles, leading up to the release of their debut album ‘Grief Songs’ in Autumn 2021, to a great reception. This 8-track concept record tells a story of grief and loss in different forms.

Influences: Thrice, Seahaven, Thursday, and R.E.M.


“The sheer might of their choruses continues to make their live shows a whiplash-inducing experience, and while these songs may not be your first choice to soundtrack a hazy summer’s afternoon, their potency and emotional depth cannot be overstated” - Turn It Up Louder, 2020

“In their creativity, The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name mix the energy of early Joy Division with the sympathy of The Smiths. In depressive melodic structures with lots of energetic and distorted bridges” - RAMzine, 2019

“This is a promising start point for a band that seems to have a knack for shifting their sound and blending influences that you might not have initially expected. Totally a band to keep your eyes on!” - IDIOTEQ, 2019

“The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name will soon be working their way up to household name status in the alternative scene” - Boston Rock Radio, 2019

Band Members:

Matty Awbery - Vocals/Guitar

Harry Woodrow - Bass

Sam Johnson - Drums



Featured Music:


Violent Ways:

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