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Ye Old Smokery

Traditional American South BBQ Smoker

The drive to create Ye Olde Smokery was born from a visit to America and experiencing the quality and passion that drives the traditional smoking culture in the Southern states. So we found & restored Old Smokey to its full former glory, took an old flatbed tipper truck and rebuilt her from the ground up. Took over a year but now we have our unique workspace to best prepare the unique flavours Old Smokey throws out.


We know that not everyone has had the chance to try these flavours so please just come and ask for a sample, we’d love to start you on your journey. Our specialties are the smoked meats - Brisket, Pork and Chicken - all served in different ways to suit you. As well as the sides and desserts, early risers can breakfast on sausage, egg and hash browns.

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