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DJ Jazz

DJ Jazz

Our’ Yorkshire lass Jazz has promised to create a banger of a set for the Headlanders this year. Hi-octane, super-charged feel good as it happens.

Jazz has been on the festival vibes since she was a young ‘un, but was originally inspired to start DJing around 2018 while meeting the Sub Rosa Crew at a festival running the dance tent all weekend. Other than slamming Techno she has a big place in her heart for Drum & Bass. The love for this genre sometimes shows in her track selection (giving it the BIG drops!), plus the BPM of her dance floor destroying sets has been creeping up over the past year.

Two artists that Jazz absolutely loves are The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.

This Maiden of beats hunts for fresh new tracks and spends a lot of time searching out those extra special tunes that give you the goosebumps.

As she says… “I can’t wait to dance with you all. Jazz x”.

DJ Jazz

Secret Sub Rosa at Vibe 2021- The Moongate - Jazz B2B Melatron

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