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Kyle Rees

Kyle Rees

The wonderboy Kyle started his journey locked in his bedroom, armed with a stack of vinyl, spending countless hours on his Technics 1210’s, practicing the art of beat-matching. Eventually, he got to grips with the Pioneer magic, setting forth into the digital age and developing his incredible 4-track live mashups in a completely unique style. Witnessing Kyle perform forces the conclusion that not all humans are equal. His reactive and highly artistic skills are a mind-blowing experience.

Kyle will be playing in prime position at Headland Festival this year amidst the spectacular delights of the Sub Rosa dance stage. Expect a truly original DJ set with a unique flow, blending all dance genres, such as; House, Bass House, Melbourne Bounce, Electro, Hard House, Trance, Psy Trance, Hard Bass, Reverse Bass, Hardcore, D&B and Jungle... to name but a few!

The Elevate Project UK - Kyle Rees

Headland Festival 2020 Online: Kyle Rees

Secret Sub Rosa at Vibe 2021 - The Moongate - Kyle Rees

DJ Kyle Rees

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