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Mister Tooley's Sunday Service

Mister Tooley Sunday Service @ Headland 2022

After a naughty festival Saturday night, Sunday luncheon is prime soul-saving time - and the blessed DJ/ Record shop owner Mister Tooley is on hand to provide all of your necessary salvation.

Mister Tooley has been resident at the Deluxe Diner in Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri La field since 2013 - “The most thrilling and twisted gospel, blues and rock n’ roll records you’ll hear anywhere” says Phil Armstrong, the Diner's owner. Mister Tooley also has a residence at WOMAD’s Molly’s Bar and regularly plays at Beatherder & Musicport among numerous other festivals and gatherings.

For his Sunday Service at the Secret Sub Rosa stage at Headland, Mister Tooley plans to kick off with some righteous Gospel and Jump Blues to blow out the cobwebs, before settling into a jazzy, soulful vibe, setting the tone for a perfect Sundaze.

Praise the Lord and pass the Bloody Mary's!

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