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Sefton, aka Moksha, likes to take his listeners on a journey, each set involves specially produced tracks, alongside edits & samples. He deftly provokes emotional response and stays true to the good vibes policy.

Expect a wild fling into melodic distraction from an expansive collection of ecstatic electronica, afro-beats, leftfield, nu wave, techno, zen, disco pounders, balearic funk, deep & tech house, orchestral & soundtracks, synth chuggers, nu jazz, latino elements fused with psychedelic ambience and vocal skits. So jump on board at Headland Festival this year... a voyage awaits from the beautiful resident and friend. Come and be part of the love.

Sub Rosa Solstice Weekender 2016 - Smokey & Moksha's Drunk On Rum Sunday Set - PART 1

Smokey B2B Moksha Live at Bam - La Cripta (Dreams in Space Mix)

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