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Pleasurefields Live (Exclusive Hybrid DJ Headland performance)

Pleasurefields are a Psychedelic, Breakbeat, Big Beat Super-Duo hailing from Leeds, UK.

Secret Sub Rosa are excited to be featuring a special Pleasurefields one-off mash-up set from one half of the band, at Headland Festival this year. Digging deep into the brilliant and warped mind of the Beat Boy, Arranger, Producer and Synth Geek Mr. Marsden, he touts influences ranging from The Beatles to The Chemical Brothers, Soul Wax to Erol Alkan and far into the realms of his illustrious, varied and colourful pastime. This will be a unique set crafted especially. Make sure you find your way to us for this.

Marsden’s message to the masses is thus: Come with me on a journey, a trip, while I milk the teats of the galaxy. Bring your milk bottles and catch the stars!

Check out their incredible new album ‘Shelter’ out on the 29th April, or get hooked up to their social media.

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