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Smokin- J


Jay’s been a busy lad. As well as a Sub Rosa Chieftain he spins the odd tune now and then. Historically he's been creating and attending club nights, parties and festivals since the early 90’s, and feels a great privilege in witnessing the great dance music movement. He has many passions about music, but melodic, progressive, house and trance have been closest to his heart through the years. Nowadays his taste has diversified, going back to his roots of an All School music policy… if it's good music, it's good music. You can hear him playing a wide spectrum of genres, and usually all in one set. Headland being no exception.

In addition, you might find him chugging the Rum on Sunday with his good friend Moksha for an organic, hybrid music experiment. Bleep!

The Elevate Project UK - Smokin-J

Secret Sub Rosa at the Scarborough Spa 2019 - Lost in Sub Space - Smokin-J

Secret Sub Rosa at Willowman Festival 2018 - Smokin-J / Lex Aeterna B2B

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