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Toby C

Toby C

Method man, part precision instrument and Sub Rosa’s head honcho of all things Techno, Toby’s modest approach to the deck’s stops right there and the beast comes out to play!

Toby C is a dance music DJ from Scarborough, North Yorkshire who best describes himself as a techno DJ but loves a twisted vocal and a good scatty tune. Toby looks to Dubfire and John Digweed for his inspiration and has been DJing in the local area at various dance nights for well over 20 years. Toby's talent and attention to detail in his DJing sets has earned him admiration from all he has played alongside, including; Blue Amazon, Ian Ossia, Jeremy Healey, K-Klass and Luke Pompey.

He started his promoting career at the age of 21 and has brought world renowned DJs such as Graeme Park, K-Klass and Jeremy Healey to the east coast resort. As well as his strong affiliations to Sub Rosa, his current venture is Method, where he is the resident Dj as well as brand owner and promoter. Method started out in 2012 as a monthly club night and has played host to the likes of Blue Amazon, Ian Ossia, Luke Pompey, Jayess, Tristan Kelly, Detrakt, Dave Seaman and Darren Emerson.

Get ready for an extra special performance from Toby at Headland Festival this year on the Secret Sub Rosa Dance Stage.

Secret Sub Rosa at Willowman Festival 2018 - Toby C (Vinyl Set):

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